السبت، ١٠ سبتمبر ٢٠١١


it's not like this believe me
i said in the lowest voice i can be
and just leave the echo to deal with her
she will never know
we both know that
she will look down and say 
"what i do wrong ?? "
and the echo will have the same answer 
" it's not you it's him "
she will cry till the tears end
hate you till she die
try to collect her heart 
but she will never ever know
why do you pass at night by her home?
why do you write her name at the walls?
why do you cry your heart out but when you see her
just turn around?
do you really know?
you like to play god or angel 
you stuck with role of jerk and douchebag the asshole one
it's ok and have no problem with this
but is this make you happy?
make her heart healing?
not a shit !!!
i ask God you know like i know
what i do
and why i do it
now and ever 
the song shall play
and when the time come
and the rain stop
and the river full out
make her happy
make her heart is complete 

life is sooo short to loss it in 

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