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I Will Never Know..

I Will Never Know..

Befor i go to sleep every singel day , while staring at the dark and befor my eye's get peace with the dark and be able to see , i ask my self 

Why im crying right now? 

why my eye's even when they are closed still all the photo's , all the smile's , all the tears ?

why God let me here? does he hate me? love me? forget all about me ? 

why do i hate love story's and also goodbye's ?

and their only one photo in my mind...of an old lady i dont even know her name 

and the track of 60 jazz music i have never hear befor

why when i look to the cloud's i see them like uncompleted puzzle of my soul?

why do i still feeling her touch? even that she hurt me like hell? even that she was the worth i have ever seen?

and when i walk by the sea .. all that im able to see is happy seagull singing that song all the day long ?

i smile after my tear goes away , i always do 

i don't really know what im doing , or even why..

but i don't care , tears and smiling are just part of plan 

a plan that start every single day 

a plan that have no dictation

a plan that i will never be able to understand

im not depressed and not alone 

im not crying because im sad , and will never be smile because im happy 

if this your way to judge people , so let me tell you, you with the wrong guy to do this

i will never know alot of thing's in this world

and i dont give a damn

i will never know alot of thing about my self

and still don't give a damn 

i will never know if i will ever see your face and touch you again

and i will never give a damn

what im sure of is that...

when i will go to sleep it will take time..



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